Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Make Virtual Reality a Reality for YOUR Students!

Looking for ways to use virtual reality in the classroom?  If so, we’ve got you covered!  Cherry Creek Schools has several kits that are available for checkout through District Library. If you reserved a kit, make sure you block out time to pick up and drop off the kits in person back at SARC. A big thank you goes to Denise Wendl and Carla Kinsella for all of their help and support! There is a folder inside each kit that contains essential information.  You are responsible for all materials. Make sure you read and understand all content in the folder before using with students.  

So, what kits are available?
  • Kit #1: 12 Cardboard viewers and 12 iPhones
  • Kit #2: 12 Cardboard viewers and 12 Androids
  • Kit #3: 12 Cardboard viewers and 6 iPhones
  • Kit #4: 12 Cardboard viewers and 6 Androids
  • Kit #5: 12 Cardboard viewers (no phones)
  • Kit #6: 12 Cardboard viewers (no phones)
How does this work?

  1. Explore VR and Cardboard compatible apps.  Checkout recommendations in our Schoology Resource Group.
  2. Download and open your app. *If you are using CCSD devices (in kits) you will not be able to add additional apps.
  3. Insert your device into Google Cardboard.
  4. View your virtual reality experience. It’s awesome!

  1. Participants must be 7 years old or older.
  2. Make sure students stay in their seats or stay seated on the floor while viewing.
  3. Students should hold the cardboard set with two hands (to avoid phone dropping from sides).
  4. If students experience eye strain or motion sickness they should put the viewer down for a little bit and join in the activity when they feel better.
  5. Blurry?  Try cleaning the lenses or moving the device to the left or right to make it centered.
Awesome VR Apps
  1. Check out our blog post on Google Cardboard and VR Apps that Rock
  2. Google Expeditions is great place to start!  Check out the list of available Expeditions. This app has connected to all grade levels and all content areas!
Instructional Considerations

  1. Share expectations with students:
    1. Handle cardboard with care.  
    2. Do not change settings in device.
    3. Collect all devices and cardboard viewers before class is dismissed.

  2. Learning stations, small groups and pairs works great!
Schoology Group

VR Guy.png
Check out updates and use resources from the CCSD VR Resources Schoology Group. The code to join the is:
You will find content about Google Cardboard, how to create your own VR and 360 experience, and purchasing ideas.
Office of Blended Learning and Instructional Technology

Looking for support? District Technology and Learning Coaches are available to help you get started! They can help you explore possible apps, co-plan, or teach with you. All you need to do if fill out the request form by going to:

My.CherryCreek > My Tech > TLC Request Form

Packaging to Send back to District Library

  1. Make sure you completely charge phones.
  2. Shut down each phone.
  3. Put the kit together the way it was received:
    1. Cardboard in pairs - 12 in a kit (hugging in pairs)
    2. Folder on top
    3. Phones in bags (if available)
    4. Chargers in bags (if available)
    5. Double check inventory and deliver in person back to SARC.
  4. Something broken or not right?  Contact Amber Paynter at apaynter@cherrycreekschools.org  

We hope you have a blast bringing your students to places the schoolbus can't go by making virtual reality an actual reality!

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