Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday Tech Tip: Embedding Quizlet into Schoology

Embedding Quizlet into Schoology

Quizlet offers you the ability to create simple tools to study content and vocabulary. You can easily create vocabulary sets that can then be embedded into your Schoology courses so that your students can review and study the vocabulary that they need to be successful. You can even sign in using your Google account!

Creating your Quizlet Sets: Once you log in to your account, you can start creating your Quizlet sets. Click on "Create a set" to get started.  You will need a title and description, and then you will need to decide how your want to set your visibility and if you want someone else to be able to edit the set.  Choose the language that you want for your terms and definitions and enter all of the terms that you want in the set.

Embedding your sets into your Schoology Course
Once your set is complete, you can grab the embed code to put it into Schoology.  Go up to "More Tools" in the top right corner of your Quizlet set and click on "Embed."  You can then copy the code for the Flashcards.  Once the code is copied, you can go to your Schoology course to embed that code.

In the Materials section of your Schoology course, go to "Add Materials" and select "Add Page/Text Block." Switch to HTML and paste in the code that you copied from Quizlet. If you select "Display Inline within Folder" then the Quizlet set will display directly in your Schoology folder without students having to click on it.  Once the Quizlet set is embedded, students will have the ability to change their study mode in the bottom right corner of the screen.  They can view the Quizlet set as different studying games, flashcards and tests.

As some of our classes are wrapping up the year with finals and tests, Quizlet could be great option for practicing vocabulary and terms.

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