Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tuesday Tech Tip: New Schoology Awesomeness

Schoology is always improving what they do and how they do it.  The 2015-2016 school year is going to rock with some of the new features Schoology has recently released.  Check out the slides below for additional information and pictures.

Digital Portfolios

Students can actively participate in demonstrating their mastery by creating a portfolio that either displays the process or the product of their learning.  Portfolios can encompass the entire learning cycle or a selection of pieces that showcase their best work. Portfolios provide a space for students to create, celebrate, track progress, share and reflect. You can add text, images, Thinking Maps, embedded content, links, videos and so much more! Portfolios can be private or public. Check out the slides below and Schoology's blog Showcasing your Work in Schoology's Portfolios for additional information. 

Course Linking

Do you teach the same course multiple times? Perhaps you teach Geometry three times.   Now, you are now able to link your similar course sections together so you are really managing just one class! Yep, this is a game changer!  Link courses to manage all materials, due dates and gradebook settings.  Check out the slides below and Schoology's blog Your New Superpower: Manage Multiple Course Sections at Once for additional information.


The new discussions look pretty sharp!  This new design will help teachers and students navigate through posts. Check out the slides below and Schoology's blog Six Glorious Reasons to Love Schoology's Redesigned Discussions for additional information.

Mastery Settings

Do you remember when you setup your Mastery Settings and students only had to meet or exceed a standard three times to identify mastery?  Yeah, that's changed.  You decide how many attempts now!  it will make earning that Mastery star more powerful!  Check out the slides below for additional information.

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