Tuesday, February 10, 2015

In Case You Missed It...Schoology Assessments

We've got you covered! The Office of Instructional Technology provides Tuesday Tech Tips aimed at providing teachers ideas and support to thoughtfully integrate and utilize technology in their instruction to maximize student learning. So, in case you missed these past posts, here are the essentials on features and innovative uses with Schoology assessments.

(In addition, our Literacy Coordinator, Amanda Wahlborg, published "Do I Really Have to Teach Tech? ELA Tech Skills That Matter."  If you haven't done any tutorials on PARCC or are curious about how the tech side of the ELA assessment works, this is definitely worth a look.)

Office of Instructional Technology Assessments in Schoology Blog Posts:
  1. 5 Tips for Online Assessments in Schoology
    This is a great starting place.  This blog post focuses on creating & using online assessments by highlighting five fantastic features.
  2. Embedding Google Presentations into Schoology Assessments
    Are you wanting to provide your students with opportunities to analyze multiple sources from diverse media and formats?  If so, check out this blog and the templates provided.
  3. Embedding Scrolling Text or Longer Multiple Sources for Synthesis Tasks
    Check out this blog if you are looking for solutions on adding longer passages of text that will allow students to scroll and annotate (using tools like Scrible Toolbar).
  4. Aligning Work Digitally to Track Student Mastery
    This blog post this could be very powerful as we think about measuring what we value in our students' work and looking for growth on specific standards.
  5. Grading Assessments in Schoology
    You have created an amazing assessment, now what?  This blog will show how to grade and provide some tips and tricks along the way.
  6. Providing Feedback Digitally to Help Track Mastery
    Feedback is one of the most important tools we can use to impact student learning.  Check out this blog post for support on maximizing feedback features within Schoology.

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