Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tuesday Tech Tip: Audio/Video Submissions in Schoology Assignments

We posted previously about how students can post audio/video responses in a discussion board, but if you want students to submit something privately (not for class viewing or commenting), you can use an assignment instead of a discussion board in Schoology.  This will allow you to grade on a rubric, give audio or written feedback, and download for sharing or saving later, but it will be nicely organized in one spot for you to assess & collect.

Having students submit an audio or video response in Schoology can be accomplished in a browser (like Chrome) or using iOS devices.  Need some ideas for how you might use that with students?  For example, you could have students:
  • tell a story or provide a response without having to type it on a keyboard (helpful for younger students or those with accommodations)
  • video themselves doing an experiment or explaining a process
  • explain how they solved a problem or came to a conclusion
  • practice for an oral assessment (like AP or IB courses that require a spoken component for assessment)
  • record themselves doing performing arts, like singing, playing an instrument, or acting out a scene from a play
  • practice speaking/responding in a language other than their first language
If students will be using a browser, the Google Presentation below walks you through the steps.

If students will be using an iOS device, you will still create an assignment, but when students submit, it will look slightly different:

Already have video or audio stored on a device?  Those can be attached to an assignment using the Upload tab in the student submission window.  Keep an eye on file sizes, though.  You can upload files up to 500MB.

Whether created inside of Schoology or uploaded from a device, letting students use audio and video can be a powerful way to have kids show what they know.

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