Monday, November 3, 2014

Relaunching Cherry Creek's Near Space Balloon Project

You may remember hearing about Cherry Creek's Near Space Balloon Launch Project from last spring. You may have even read our blog post about it. Seven of our elementary schools participated, each sending a balloon about 100,000 feet into near space with varying science projects attached. 

Many of you have asked for more information and how your school can get involved with this project. Our goal as a district is to make this a yearly fifth grade project, where every fifth grader in the district has the opportunity to participate in launching a balloon with experiments attached into Near Space.  

What was it like to participate in the project? Check out our latest Bright Spots video below to see for yourself. You'll witness footage taken by a GoPro camera attached to one of the balloons as well as interviews from Cherry Creek's Elementary STEM Coordinator, Jon Pierce, and from students and teachers who participated in the project last spring. 

To see more footage, science experiments, and results from last spring's launch, visit our Google+ page by clicking the link below.

If you are interested in bringing the Near Space Project to your Cherry Creek elementary school, please contact Jon Pierce at

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