Thursday, February 25, 2016

Cherry Creek Bright Spot- Make History Come Alive Using Google Maps

As a district Technology and Learning Coach, teachers often ask me what great tool they should be using.  While there are tons of great technology tools out there that I can share, I always ask teachers to tell me what they want their students to learn, and then, if appropriate, we can find a tool to enhance the learning around that objective or goal.  

Taylor Whitley, a 5th grade teacher at Indian Ridge Elementary, uses a lot of technology in her class, but she always makes it a point to focus on the learning before the tool.  

I chose her class for a Bright Spot because she found a way to use Interactive Google Maps to help her students learn about explorers in a creative and collaborative way. Check out the Bright Spot video below to hear from Ms. Whitley and some of her students...

For more information on using Google Maps in your class to enhance learning, go to, where you'll find ideas from Google. 

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If you or a teacher you know are using technology in an innovative way to transform learning, and you want to be highlighted in a Cherry Creek Bright Spot, please email Kris Edwards at

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