Monday, December 7, 2015

Google Gifts: Google Templates

During the weekdays of December, we're sharing one tool per day.  We're calling it our Google Gifts series.  Some of these come directly from Google, and others are tools that enhance Google Apps or Chrome.  Today, we're sharing Google templates.

Viewing Templates Others Have Shared

Sample Jeopardy templates in the public gallery
When creating documents or presentations, you may want to see if someone else has already created something that you can adapt and use.  A good place to search is the Google templates public gallery.  If you are a Google Apps user, you may have one specifically for your domain (CCSD folks can access ours here).  

The easiest way to get there is to use a direct link provided above (although you can also connect a "Template Gallery" app in Google Drive or use the File -> New -> From Template option within a Google file).

Some that you might find useful are:

Sharing Templates That You've Created

If you want to "gift" something that you have created (ISTE-T.2, "Design and Develop Digital Age Learning Experiences & Assessments"), currently you can submit it to the template gallery, or you can share by using the shared link ("anyone with the link" or "publicly available on the web").  The slick trick for this to change the end of the URL so it will force a copy.  That means the person won't have to go through the step of "Make a Copy."  

How do you force a copy?  Change the URL by replacing "edit" and anything after it with "copy":

Original shared URL:

Forced Copy URL:

Want to see it in action?  Use the links above (KWL template for Google Apps for Ed PD).

Where can I learn more?

Google has recently added some new templates for Google Apps, which isn't the same thing as public template galleries.  For more information, see their support article:

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