Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday Tech Tip: Zaption

Using video for instructional purposes is a great way to engage learners and share information. How many times have you been sharing a video and stopped it to ask questions or to see if your students were still with you? Have you ever wondered if your students are really paying attention to the content or if they are taking the opportunity to take a mental break from class?  

What if there was a tool that could help you with this, where you could pause and check for understanding, gather feedback, and have your students interact?  

One tool you might consider is Zaption.  Zaption allows you to create engaging video lessons in minutes.  

With Zaption you can create tours for your students where they interact with video content. With a little planning, you can turn online videos into interactive learning experiences.  Zaption’s authoring tools allow you to find relevant online video and add elements such as text, images, drawings, discussions and questions.

You can start from scratch or search Zaption’s content to get started.

Once you create a tour, getting it to your students is as simple as sharing a link. You can also embed the tour into a website or right inside of Schoology or even share through Google Classroom.

Consider creating tours for students to use on individual devices or perhaps you want to use the tool with the whole class as you project from your computer.  The Office of Instructional Technology is happy to help you think through how this tool can enhance student learning and engagement.  

Why not give it a whirl?  Watch the video below and then login to www.zaption.com. Use your CCSD/G+ Login

Want more?  Check out these tours from the Zaption Gallery

 U.S. History Andrew Jackson

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