Friday, March 6, 2015

Bright Spot: 3rd Graders at INR Learn About Personal Financial Literacy in a Unique Way

All 3rd Graders in Colorado learn about Personal Financial Literacy. To be more exact, the standard covered is stated below:

E2 Describe how to meet short term financial goals (PFL) (3rd)
A. Identify sources of income including gifts, allowances, and earnings  
B. Recognize that there are costs and benefits associated with borrowing to meet a short term financial goal 
C. Identify jobs children can do to earn money for personal, philanthropic or entrepreneurial goals 
D. Create a plan for a short term financial goal 
E. Describe various steps necessary to reach short term financial goals

 At Indian Ridge Elementary, students learn about Personal Financial Literacy in an authentic, ongoing way that helps them truly internalize what it means to meet short term financial goals.  Check out the video below to see how they accomplish this: 

For more information about creating a dynamic Personal Financial Literacy Project at your school for 3rd grade or any other grade level, go to or contact one of the teachers at Indian Ridge featured in the video: Paige Baumgart, Julie Getchell, Mary KoudelkaBrittany Seidelor Dane Swanson. 

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