Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Magic of Embed Code

The Magic of <Embed Code>

When working with web sites, blogs, or a learning management system (LMS) like Schoology, one of the most useful things to use is embed code.  Sometimes you can find the embed code by looking for the "share" icon (upper left) or the code icon (upper right).  Sometimes, you'll see a button for "embed."

So, what exactly is embed code?  Embed code is the magic that lets you take content from another site (like YouTube, for example) and place it where you want (or embed it where you want).  And the best thing is that all you need to know is how to copy & paste.

The embedded Google Presentation below has examples of different types of content that you can embed -- and where you might find the code (included are examples for video, audio, maps, Google documents, and interactives).

Once you have the code, you can decide where you would like to place it.  In web pages or blogs, you may need to look for the "HTML" option and paste in the code. In something like Schoology, it's even easier.  You can paste embed code into a page, a discussion board, a test/quiz question, an assignment, and/or as a link.  To add embed code to interactive student activites in Schoology

  1. In the rich text editor window (like the Discussion Board example below), use the "Insert Content" icon.
  2. Choose "Image/Media."  
  3. Choose "From the Web" and make sure you choose "Media."
  4. Paste in the code, and the magic will appear when you save!

You can do a lot with embed code, and it can work very well for providing students with interactive material.  Now that you know what to look for, you'll likely start to see many opportunities to bring in other resources.  Happy embedding!

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