Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday Tech Tip: Privacy & Visibility in COLE 3.0/Schoology

Using COLE 3.0?  Here are a few tips for making your course and individual course items accessible or hidden.

Course Privacy Settings
1)  Be sure to check privacy settings for your courses (available under the pull-down for “Course Options” underneath the course picture).  The default setting is that folks in CCSD can see course information (description and meeting times), updates, materials, and calendar.  A teacher can either make those areas more open (Everyone or Schoology Users) or more restricted (School, Course, or No one), depending upon the needs of the course and teacher. Rosters are always only accessible to people enrolled in the course.

Individual Availability
Folder Availability
2)  Be sure that you hide anything that you don’t want students to see yet.  You can either do this at the folder level (use the settings wheel and choose “Availability”) or the individual item level (use the settings wheel and choose "unpublish"). You can also hide items as your create them using the green visibility icon in Advanced options.

3)  Anything you create goes into your “Materials” list.  If you don’t want students to see certain categories and/or only want them to see items that you put into course folders, click “hide” for the different categories in the Materials list.  This also makes your course page look a bit cleaner.

If you want to see what kids can see, you can either do this by clicking on a student in the Members area and choosing "Preview" course from the settings wheel or you can choose "View Course As" under the "Course Options" pull-down underneath the course picture.

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