Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tuesday Tech Tip: Taking It With You

If you're leaving the district, there may be some digital items that you want to take with you (or need to make available for others).  If you use Google Apps or Schoology, here's how you can share, keep or take your stuff.

Google Apps

The most important thing to remember about items that live in Google Drive is that once your account is deleted, all of your items become inaccessible, even if you've shared them.  Additionally, you can't transfer ownership to an account that lives outside of the district (in our case, an address that doesn't have "@cherrycreekschools.org").   Here's how to handle your Google files:
  1. Transfer ownership of files that others still need to access.  If you have shared files that in-district folks will need to continue using, be sure you transfer ownership.  You can either do this on an individual or folder level (using the "Sharing" options) or you can submit a ticket our HelpDesk and they can transfer all files that belong to your user to another in-district account.
  2. Use Google Take-out to download all of your Google data.  If you have files that you want to take with you, you can download your files (the default for Google Docs is to convert to MS Office equivalents but you can change those options).  To get your Google account data (including your docs, drawings, slides, forms and spreadsheets), go to https://www.google.com/settings/takeout and select the services for which you wish to download your data.  Google will create downloadable archive files and email you when they are ready to be accessed.

Schoology Materials & Resources

If you created content in Schoology, and you still would like to access & use it, you have a couple of  options.  You can create a free, personal account and share your collections with your personal account or you can export items from your Personal Resources if you will be using a different Learning Management System (LMS) in the future.
  1. Continue to use Schoology with a personal account.  You may be leaving our district, but that doesn't mean to have to stop using Schoology.  While we have the Enterprise version in Cherry Creek Schools, Schoology also has free accounts that you can use as a teacher.  
    1. Go to http://www.schoology.com and signing up for a free teacher account, using a personal email address (like Gmail or HotMail).  
    2. Make a "connection" between your personal account and your CCSD account (see this support article for directions on making a connection).
    3. Create a collection in your Personal Resources and share that collection with your personal Schoology account.
    4. Go into your personal Schoology account and create a new folder, moving the shared collection items into it for continued access.  (* Use the collection sharing directions above to share items with in-district colleagues or use an existing Schoology Group to make sure your shared items are still accessible by others.)
  2. Export your Personal Resources into a Common Cartridge format for import into another LMS.  If you will be moving to another district that uses a different LMS than Schoology, you can export your items into a Common Cartridge format.  Most LMS platforms allow for import of CC formatted files.  
    1. Go to your Personal Resources area and use the arrow pull-down to choose "Export."
    2. Select the folder or collection you wish to export.
    3. Schoology will create the export file for you in your Transfer area (http://www.schoology.com/settings/transfers), notifying you by email when it is ready for download.
If you have any questions about this (or how to get other items you own, like items from your CCSD server), contact our HelpDesk or check the Backyard.

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